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Colin C. McKay - Life Training Systems Ltd

Colin is incredibly passionate about the advanced language skills of NLP and conversational Hypnosis. Very much a hands on trainer who is equally busy coaching as he is training. Having had a wealth of people management experience over the course of 25 years working in middle and upper management of the high pressure and competitive world of the Print industry. All the way from the UK to New Zealand, Australia and ultimately full circle back to the UK. 

It was because of his desire to succeed in his previous career that first drew Colin the powerful advanced communication and influencing skills of NLP and covert conversational Hypnosis. He became fascinated by the psychology behind these incredibly effective skills, which drove a strong desire and motivation to master NLP, Covert Hypnosis and the positive emotional Influencing techniques of Time Line Therapy™.

So excited by all that he was learning Colin choose to leave the printing industry in 2007 and thereafter has dedicated himself to developing his expertise in NLP, Conversational Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy™.

Now after many years have passed and a huge amount of money and time spent travelling the the globe, studying with experts in the field of rapid therapeutic transformation and human change engineering, he himself has developed into masterful and successful trainer. 

Colin has been running Life Training Systems Ltd for over 11 years now. He has spent the past few years created this own 7 Step Q.U.A.L.I.T.Y™ Coaching model that he has adapted to fit with three very specific modalities.

These trainings are the advanced Language based training which is called Advanced Linguistic Influencing™ (ALI for short). Also there is the Source Pattern Reset™ training which is heavily influenced by Time Line Therapy™. There is also the Hypnosis Training Systems, HypnoTherapeutic Coaching™ as well as his corporate coaching and training programs which he delivers under the Advanced team Dynamics™ brand. Colin has also create an extensive library of online trainings.

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