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The Power Of NLP Training

Our Words Create Resonance

The advanced listening and speaking language skills of NLP Practitioner, Master Practitioner and Covert Conversational Hypnosis are, in our view, fundamental!

If indeed you do truly want to be predictably effective in confidently coaching and guiding others to a positive and lasting therapeutic change.

Then To Find Out More, Grab A Copy Of Our FREE 'Introduction To Advanced Linguistic Influencing' PDF Guide And 3 Video Mini Training Series.

  • Get a detailed run down of the full curriculum of this incredibly powerful 7 Day NLP Master Practitioner Based Advanced Language Training

  • Along with a bonus 3 video mini training series sharing 2 easy to apply listening techniques and 2 even easier to apply influencing techniques.

  • NLP Training For ALI

    Take A Look and Get A Feel For All You Could Be Learning In Choosing To Join The LTS 7 Day Advanced Linguistic Influencing Program


      Brief Course Content Overview

    • What truly is reality and how people easily manage to create a wildly skewed version of their own.

    • How being responsible is the secret to having unshakable confidence and personal power. 

    • The simple 5 step formula that when applied will make your journey to success way more predictable.

    • The 2 part formula for manifestation, how to teach your clients the power of energetic focus and intent.

    • Linguistic presupposition, getting beyond mind reads and how to use it to know what's real and what's not 

    • The secret of the intuitive coaching magician is learning to listen to what you hear and knowing how to find out what it means? 

    • You will learn to harness the power of destabilising the old before introducing the new.

    • How people make something out of nothing and how nothing is real. And how you can become a master of time, space, matter and energy. 

    • The two things that if a person were to learn and to actualise, they would never again create or maintain a problem. 

    • Discover how to easily break down the frames, strategies and structures that are required to hold the problem in place. 

    • Effectively resourcing your clients by using, states, skills and abilities that they already have within them.

    • Leveraging unconscious agreement and the power of a congruent, consistent and compounding YES!

    • Learn how to use artful ambiguity to your advantage to create fundamental positive change at the unconscious level with Conversation Hypnosis language skills.

    • And so much more!.......Sign up today for our FREE 'Introduction To Advanced Linguistic Influencing PDF Guide or simply call the office on 0800 910 1163 and speak to your trainer directly.

    ALI - NLP Training Manual

    This live 7 Day Training is fully supported before during and after you have completed and been certified in these advanced NLP Language skills and NLP Master Practitioner Level Coaching processes. 

    The next ALI training will be in Surrey from the 6th - 12th of February 2022

    Only £1799 Limited Spaces

    Special Bonus Package!

    • Lifetime access to the Life Training Systems eNLP Practitioner Online Training. 12 Modules 69 Videos and over 16 hours worth of training and NLP Practitioner Certification. VALUE £397

    • Along with lifetimes access to a special recorded 2 Day Source Pattern Reset™ training which was delivered over Zoom this year and features our therapy model using Time Line Therapy™. 

      VALUE £197


      If you would like to book a place, register your interest or simply find out more about this advanced NLP language based training then send an email to: [email protected]

    2022 Live Training Dates


    NLP Training For ALI Intro

    Discover These 7 Steps Today

    The LTS Q.U.A.L.I.T.Y™ Hypnotherapy Coaching Model is designed to give you a logical 7 step system to help you to guide a client from their current stuck state all the way through to their new positive desired state. Grab this free PDF to find out how!  

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