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Hypnosis Training Introduction

Our Simple 11 Word Quick Start Conversational Hypnosis Induction

Would you like to learn a quick way to create an irresistible conversational hypnotic induction by using only 7 Influencing words, 3 Hypno-Therapeutic Themes and 1 validator? All of the top of your head with no scripting what so ever!

Accessing the power of Hypnosis by easily being able to create trance in others can be as simple a mastering 11 words in as little as half an hour! If you would like to find out how today, then sign up below to get access to our Hypno-Therapeutic Coaching Quick Start Conversational Hypnosis Induction PDF Guide.

Hypnosis Training Free Introduction

The Simple But Powerful A, B, C Formula of Hypno-Therapeutic Coaching

Hypnosis Training Principles

Absorb Attention

Hypnosis training begins with the ability to absorb a clients attention. A great Hypnotist will be able to create an awe of expectancy that will have an air of authority, understated confidence and expertise that will captivate, command and ultimately direct the clients attention. Linguistic bridges, non awareness techniques and quantum linguistics are the main tools we teach to easily achieve this. 

Hypnotic Attention

Bypass Critical Faculty

To create change we must Bypass the clients Critical Faculty. The gatekeeper or bouncer if you like. The shadowy part between their conscious and unconscious mind that decides whats allowed in and what's not. Once bypassed a clients unconscious mind is totally open to accepting new positive and supportive information.

Hypnosis Training Skills

Create Change

This is the Hypno-Therapeutic Change work! The trance induction will have taken them to a wonderful sanctuary, relaxed and comfortable in hypnosis. Now the real journey begins as we orientate them to a transitions point that leads to the deepest part of their unconscious mind, where they are guided to unlock their inner genius and discover the solution to their problem.

    Brief Hypnosis Course Overview

  • You will learn how to absorb the attention to induce trance in even the most resistant of individuals.

  • All done conversationally, with no need for scripts, with a trance induction that can be overt or covert

  • The simple A, B, C of hypnosis and how you can develop expertise in controlling each of these steps.

  • You will be discovering the power of fractionation and all the other techniques for deepening trance.

  • You will get access to the LTS 7 Step Q.U.A.L.I.T.Y™ Coaching Model and learn how it fits with Hypnosis

  • Learn also the 3 things that you must say as you induce trance if you want to ensure you can maintain safety and control.

  • Also the 3 things you should be saying to compound the experience when bringing your clients out of trance having made the positive changes!

  • How to have your client create their own idillic sanctuary whilst in trance and the important reasons WHY!

  • The ability to guide your client to a powerful positive change by transitioning them through a symbolic gateway to find the perfect answer to their problem.

  • The easy linguistic process that will allow you to be able to create the ideal resourcing change script, conversationally off the top of your head.

  • You will learn all about the importance of creating doubt around their old problem with non awareness, Quantum Linguistics and the trinity techniques.

  • Discover how to create a profound clarity for your clients with precise NLP listening techniques and the structure of a detailed personal history.  

  • As well as how to ensure you a creating influence by gaining and maintaining unconscious agreement using Ericksonian Hypnotic language techniques.

  • I will also be sharing with you 4 easy to use rapid inductions as well as the how to do a complete Personal Breakthrough process using hypnosis alone. And so much more!.......

Hypno-Therapeutic Training Manual

This live Hypnosis Training runs over 7 consecutive power packed days. This could be your last chance for 2021 as we have only two scheduled trainings left this year with limited seats available. We are also offering a web special price from this site only, so instead of £2199 if you act now and you can save £400

The Dates Are:

27th Feb - 5th of March 2022 : Surrey


7th - 13th of May 2022: Edinburgh

Only £1799 Limited Spaces

Special Early Bird Bonus Package!

  • Lifetime access to the Life Training Systems eNLP Practitioner Online Training. 12 Modules 69 Videos and over 16 hours worth of training. VALUE £397

  • Lifetime access to the Life Training Systems, Source Pattern Reset™ training which was recorded 2 day zoom video training. VALUE £197


    To Register your interest in either of these Hypnosis Course dates and locations listed above simply call 0800 910 1163 or email: [email protected] 


Becoming a certified Hypnotherapy Coach through Life Training Systems will equip you with and advanced set of coaching skills, tools and best practices that will support you on your journey to self mastery as well as becoming a catalyst for positive change in others. You will only be awarded this coveted certificate when you have demonstrated competence in the skills we will teach you. With an open mind focus, flexibility and determination your certificate will be well earned. 

Having earned and been awarded this Hypnosis certification you will know that you have at your command a set of very powerful conversational Hypnosis skills that will need to be respected and used only with the highest integrity. Because of the highly subliminal nature of tapping into a persons unconscious mind through the use of Hypnosis, Colin is very selective in who he is willing to train. Which means all places on this training are only awarded after a thorough selection process.

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